I first learned of food Wraps on a Permaculture in the kitchen video in 2014. I began by making them for friends and family. Then started doing a few shows a year. In 2019 I began doing markets and festivals as my main focus. I am thrilled to be able to share an alternative to plastic in our everyday lives.
 Gaia Wraps are made out of 100% cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil. They can be washed with mild soap and warm water. 
 I am happy to make wraps for my community and friends. I also understand that some folks would prefer to make their own. I am supportive of open source education and love to share my knowledge. My recipe is below...

Cotton Fabric
700 grams beeswax
70 grams pine rosin (I prefer the pebbles)
10 grams of coconut oil

I use an electric skillet to melt the wax then weigh it into a small slow cooker on low temp. I add the oil and rosin and stir occasionally till the rosin has melted.
Using a ladle I pour the wax onto fabric folded to fit the surface of an electric griddle. Using a fork I spread the wax around until evenly distributed. I unfold the fabric and make sure the coverage is even and hang to cool. 

Cleaned wax 
Gaia bags waiting for wax blend.
Rolled Gaia Wraps
Prices in USD
12" round8.00
16" round10.00
Set of 3  12"x12"20.00
Set of 3  14"x14"25.00
Set of 52  8"X8"
1  12" round
1  12"x12"
1  15"x11"25.00
Bag 10 x 1315.00
Bag 14 x 1725.00
Rewaxing tootsie32 grams6.00
ripstop nylon carrying bag6.00
To use your tootsies you will need a cookie sheet and fork, that you are donating to this project, and an oven. I find lots of inexpensive cookie sheets at thrift stores. 
Set your oven to 350' and place your used wraps on the cookie sheet. Just fold them to fit if necessary. I usually do a few at a time. Then place one of the pieces from your tootsie on top and place the cookie sheet in the oven. Keep an eye on the piece and when it is melted, 10 min or so, take the cookie sheet out of the oven. 
 Use the fork to push the melted wax around the wrap pile so that it is evenly distributed. (A light coating of coconut oil on your hands will keep the wax blend from sticking to your fingers.)Then lift them one at a time and wave them a bit till they are cool enough to lay out on your counter for a final cooling.  Meaning cool enough that the wax doesn't come off when touched. 
Enjoy your "new" wraps.

Vending at Market
Wraps in use. Bowl and cheese covers as well as a sandwich bag fold.
Wraps in Patzcuaro Mexico
These wraps were made in Mexico. We harvested and processed the pine resin while I was there. Then made the wraps over a comal. So no electricity is necessary for wrap making!