Sherilyn Sunflower
This site is a forum to share my Inspirations. I am a basket weaver, qigong teacher, and lover of textiles. I feel strongly about sustainable agriculture and nature based spirituality.    Five years ago I began making Gaia Wraps, my version of a plastic food wrap alternative. I began by making a bunch for family and friends. Then started selling to the community as a "hobby". This year, 2019, I have focused on selling wraps as my main income.  I have named my business Sunflower Inspirations because I sell multiple products and find delight and inspiration in my creative pursuits.    
Gaia Wraps
Reusable food wraps  and bags made of cotton, beeswax, coconut oil and pine rosin. They replace plastic wrap, sandwich bags and produce bags.
 Save your Planet-Ditch your Plastic!
Willow Baskets

I harvest, sort, dry, soak and weave willow baskets and obelisks. Also love weaving live willow into arbors etc.
Meditations Pillows
I make custom meditation pillows. Most are half moon shaped as it is my personal preference. Inner liners are filled with buckwheat hulls and have a zipper for easy fill or removal. Most have handpainted designs. Custom orders available.
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Sherilyn Sunflower
P.O. Box 1017  
Philomath, OR 97370
For the time being I am sequestered in Mexico and not vending at markets (10/2020). I have a small inventory left in the states for sale by mail. If you would like any of my products give me a call and I will let you know what is available. 

 All of my products can be found at Oregon Country Fair                                            booth 818 
Gaia Wraps can be found at...
Eugene Saturday Market
Eugene Holiday Market - Nov.16-17, Dec. 23-24 2019
Peoria Holiday Market- Nov. 23
Yule Faire - Nov. 30 (Elks lodge Corvallis)
Down to Earth pop up Eugene-Nov. 31
Douglas High School Holiday Bazaar Portland Dec. 7
Thinking Tree Spirits pop up Eugene-Nov. 8
Hour Trader Winter Market- Dec. 14 (Benton County     Fairgrounds)
Veneta Farmers Market (2020)
Whiteaker Community Market (2020)
Summit Fest
Waldport Farmers Market (2020)
Potentially coming soon to a market near you!